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Our company started in the Schumacher garage in 1992, born out of Michael’s perfectionism and determination to use only the highest quality parts in every aspect of his own Mopar projects (see the Boss's Car). When he couldn’t find gaskets that met his demand for the very best, he made his own – after months spent researching and testing. His Wiper Seal Kit was a hit with fellow members of the Mopars Unlimited club here in rainy Seattle – where wet feet and ruined carpet, unfortunately, are an all too common occurrence.

Thanks to Mike’s creativity and determination, along with the help, technical know-how and innovative suggestions of the brightest Mopar experts in the Northwest, as well as the requests and suggestions of Mopar enthusiasts from all over the country, what started as a family garage project grew, in the best tradition of the American Dream, into a real business. But as our line of unique, high quality Mopar products has grown, one thing has stayed the same – Michael is still a perfectionist. Every member of our staff, and those of our manufacturing partners, shares the same commitment to provide the highest quality parts and service – the same kind of quality for your projects that we demand for our own.

We’re proud that our products are “Made in the USA” – by people who are as enthusiastic about classic Mopars as the people who buy them. Our network of manufacturing partners now includes some of the smartest, most knowledgeable Mopar specialists not only in Washington, but in Michigan, California, and Oregon, too. But the heart and soul of our business – product design and testing, customer service and marketing – is still in Seattle, where you’ll find our whole fun-loving, slightly goofy, but still perfectionist crew: Michael, Mary, Braden, Ken and Cori. We are dedicated, first and foremost, to providing you with the best products, the best information, and the best customer service possible.

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