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First Place, Griot’s Garage Caffeine and Gasoline Event, Tacoma, WA.

Sponsored by Hagerty Insurance.

We Won!

Jordon with his 1st Place-winning valve cover racer, the “Hazardous Hemi.”

Mopar rules!

On September 6, 2014 Jordon Billingsley, sponsored by Uncle Mike Schumacher of Schumacher Creative Services, walked away with it all at the Caffeine and Gasoline valve cover races, winning all 8 of his races.

Here is how he did it:

Valve Cover
Jordon started by selecting a 426 Hemi Valve cover, normally used for product testing, from the SCS shop.

The next step; making the chassis and attaching the aluminum wheels.

(donated by LaserFab Inc. -thank you Keith and Mike!)

Spinnin' the wheels, checking out the new Bones Ceramic Bearings.

Thanks to Ernie for all the machine work.

Installed assembly. Initial mock up looks good!

Proud young man ready for stage two.

We decided to lower the valve cover over the chassis further (see below)

Modified aluminum chassis to accommodate lower stance.

(Notice a straight forward skateboard truck bolted directly to the frame)

Welding donated by Teeters Metal Fab (Thanks Ken)

Added anti-Zombie stickers, measured overall ride height, ready to go!

Arriving in Tacoma, WA, with "The Hazardous Hemi" in tow

Chillin' before the race.

Measuring before the race.

Sizing up the competition...guess which one is the Hemi?

Prepping for time trial race.

Staging the final race.

Including the final, Jordan went through eight races undefeated.

First Prize: Cleaning and waxing products. Now Jordan needs a car! (Maybe he’ll let Uncle Mike have them.)

Mopar reigns again!

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