Small Block Tri-Y Headers

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Hi-Flow Tri-Y Under Chassis Small Block Headers
Header Accessories
Available Header Finishes
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SB Headers Installed


Hi-Flow Tri-Y Under Chassis Small Block Headers

Small Block Hi-Flow Tri-Y Under Chassis Headers

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The only Small Block Header available that does not wrap around the suspension or the frame!

Plus! They provide great performance, click here to check out their dyno results!


Small Block Hi-Flow Tri-Y Under Chassis Headers

Designed to work with '67 & up A-bodies, '62 & up B-bodies, and '70-74 E-bodies for engine styles 273, 318, 340 & 360.

Our Small Block Headers are built only ten sets at a time, and each set is individually tested for fitment, quality and accuracy.

Our new under-chassis, Tri-Y header system gives you high-flow header performance with a custom fit that means you don't have to sacrifice your power steering. Retain exhaust studs in the heads — no more breaking into water jackets! Plus, unlike most headers, it doesn't capture the starter, has excellent spark plug clearance, and is easily installed from the top down. Works with manual or power steering.

(see installation instructions and tech tips)

(see more installation photos and information)

• Works with automatic transmission only
• Requires smaller than stock starter (see recommended)
• Requires 90 degree oil filter adaptor or the shorty oil filter
• Tri-y step up design
• 1 5/8” primary - 2” secondary - 2 1/2” collector.
• 14 gauge steel tubing
• 3/8” flanges at the head
• Ball and socket joint at the collector
• High quality welds
• Mandrel bent for smooth flow
• Retain the exhaust studs in the heads
(no more cooling leaks)
• Requires smaller than stock starter

*Small Block Headers are a custom product - built to order! Please call or email for availablilty.

HSBCE (Ceramic Coated) - $1150 + $60 S&H

HSBC (Chrome Plated) - $980 + $60 S&H

HSB (Uncoated) - $900 + $60 S&H







The most ground clearance of any Mopar header!

(chrome LH 3/4 view - click image for large view)

(chrome RH 3/4 view - click image for large view)

Header Accessories


(click image for large view)


This is the starter we recommend for use with all of our big block and small block header applications. It's not the only starter that will work, but it's the starter we use to test fit all of our headers. See additional information and installation photos here.

*NOTE: We no longer carry this item, but you can check your local Mopar parts dealer for part #53005984AB


SB Stud Pack

Small Block Header Stud Pack

Contains all grade 8 hardware with grade 9 washers. Install as per factory manual.

HSPSB - $19.50 + $8 S&H


Small Block Header Gasket Kit

Contains 4 header gaskets. Included for free with any header purchase or available for purchase separately.


Accessories Included!

Small Block Headers come with ball joint bolt pack and a set of 4” socket flange stubs to weld to your exhaust.

Dakota Socket Flanges

(Socket Flanges - included)

Ball Joint Bolt Pack

(Ball Joint Bolt Pack - included)

Dakota header ball and socket joint

(Utilizes popular ball and socket joint)

Available Header Finishes

(click image for large view)

CHROMEX (CERAMIC) PLATING is our best performance coating. Its thermal barrier characteristics provide a dramatic reduction in radiated heat. This means reduced under-hood temperatures, accelerated exhaust gas velocity and a longer life expectancy for the entire exhaust system, not to mention chemical and corrosion resistance.

(click image for large view)

SATIN BLACK (CERAMIC) PLATING* is our stealthy, semi-flat black alternative to the Chromex performance
coating. It shares the same
thermal barrier, heat
reduction, accelerated
exhaust, and corrosion
resistance characteristics
as the Chromex ceramic

*Special order, call for availability.

(click image for large view)

CHROME NICKEL PLATING is a good coating at a reasonable price. It resists corrosion and protects against rust. It has a bright shine, but it does change color with heat.

(click image for large view)

BARE METAL (uncoated) headers are our least expensive exhaust solution, but they will rust unless painted or plated.

Our ceramic plating is done at Performance Coatings in Auburn, WA. Please visit their website for more information about ceramic plating.

Header Installation Photos

The look and performance of a header with the fit and design characteristics of a manifold

(chrome LH side view - click image for large view)

(chrome RH side view - click image for large view)

(chrome RH top view - click image for large view)

(chrome LH top view - click image for large view)

(chrome LH top view - click image for large view)

(chrome RH top view - click image for large view)

Check out their dyno results:

Schumacher Tri-Y Headers:

Additional Tech Info:

• 1 5/8" primary - 2" secondary - 2 1/2" collector, Tri-Y design based on the classic 20% theory
• 14 gauge steel, high-quality welds
• Massive 3/8" flange head and collector
• Mandrel bent for smooth flow
• Power-steering hose clearance
• No cutting of the inner fenders
• Works with automatic trans only
• Sockets on spark plugs
• Requires 90 degree oil filter adaptor or shorty oil filter
• Sockets on most head flange bolts
• Standard Chrysler HP 2 1/2" collector flange
• Extra 2 1/2" flanges for collector to muffler pipe connection included
• Fast, easy installation (30-45 minutes average) — even with the engine in place
• Requires additional 18" collector for open header racing
• Uncoated, nickel-plate chrome ($85 extra) or ceramic coated ($250 extra)


Requires a smaller than stock starter
• Mini-starter recommended


• Mini Starter #53005984AB (available on our website)
• Dakota-style gear reduction starter Ultima #07-0014

• 100% satisfaction guarantee

(idler arm & pitman arm clearance)


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