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Body & Engine ID Chart
Successful Conversion Tips
K-Member ID Guide
Oil Pan Schematics & ID Guide
Smokin' Barracuda
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Body & Engine ID Chart

'63-66 Valiant, '64-69 Barracuda,
'63-76 Dart, All Duster, Demon, Sport, Scamp, Swinger

170, 198, 225, 4.0L
273, 318 ('67 and later), 340, 360
5.2L, 5.9L

GTX, RT, Belvedere, SuperBird, Daytona, Coronet, Satellite, Road Runner, Charger, Super Bee, Cordoba, '62-64 Polara, '62-64 Sport Fury/Fury, '62-64 330/440, '62-64 Savoy, '76-78 Fury, '77-78 Monaco, '78-79 Magnum
361, 383, 400
413, 426 Wedge, 440

 C-BODY Full-size Chrysler Models: New Yorker, Newport, Imperial, 300, Town & Country. Full-size Dodge and Plymouth models: Monaco (to '76), '65-76 Fury/Sport Fury, '65-75 Polara    

 E-BODY '70-74 Barracuda and Challenger    

 F-BODY '76-80 Volare and Aspen, Road Runner and R/T    

 J-BODY '80-83 Mirada and Cordoba    

 M-BODY '77-88 Diplomat, LeBaron, Gran Fury, Fifth Avenue    

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Successful Conversion Tips

Dear Mopar Enthusiast:

As the title of our website implies, we have made it easier, in fact, quite simple, to put a different engine in your Mopar. Our unique engine conversion kits have changed the rules of Mopar engine swaps—by eliminating, in most cases, the need for K-member changes and providing bolt-on convenience for engine conversion projects where that has never before been possible.

But, as the experienced car builder knows, there is much more to a successful engine conversion than just dropping an engine in the hole. Adding an engine that is not original to your car — and adding more horsepower — generally requires modification to other systems. Drive trains, exhaust systems, oil pans, radiators and accessories are particular to your car, and are not all the same. For example, all exhaust manifolds are not the same. Some may not fit your engine without major rework. The same goes for oil pans, linkages, etc. They may be interchangeable within the engine category you've chosen, but may not allow the engine to be installed in the car body you've chosen. Because each decision you make on one part of your project affects other parts, it is always best to have a plan for your project, do your homework on how to achieve that plan, and stick to it.

Before spending money on our products, or any others related to your conversion, we always advise you take these simple steps: plan ahead, measure, and read all you can before you measure!

We strongly suggest you purchase a Factory Service Manual for your car's year and model before beginning your project. We also highly recommend The Mopar Performance Engine & Chassis manuals as invaluable guides to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Keep in mind that engine swaps are greatly simplified by using as many stock, bolt-on pieces as possible. Make every effort to ensure that the conversion parts you are using match the year/body model/engine you are building. Example: C-body exhaust manifolds may not work with A, B, or E-body applications. The same applies to linkages, radiators, etc.

Most important, since the goal of most engine swaps is to acquire more horsepower than your vehicle was originally built for, safety is a vital consideration.

Brakes, steering and suspension have to be in top condition.

The ability to stop is of greater importance than going forward. If your car came with 9" brakes there is no realistic way you can get this system to adequately stop a vehicle with a 300+ horsepower engine that weighs 100-200+ pounds more than the engine you took out. You have to upgrade to at least 10" drums, or preferably, a disc brake system.

Also remember that the change to a larger engine adds weight directly over the front wheels. The lighter torsion bars your car originally came with make for great weight transfer at the drag strip, but a handling nightmare on the street. Unless your car is to be trailered to the track, we strongly recommend upgrading your torsion bars.

We've included other tech tips and supporting product suggestions, specific to the type of conversion, on the individual Product Information Sheets in our catalog. And please remember, we're always happy to answer any other questions you may have about any of our products. To contact our tech department directly, e-mail: For online purchasing questions and international inquiries, email:, or call us at 206-364-7151 from 7am to 5pm Pacific time.

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K-Member ID Guide

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Oil Pan Schematics & ID Guide

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Smokin' Barracuda

Click here to read our Smokin' Barracuda article!

Header Performance Evaluation - Steven Charette of Imperial Services has put together an exhaustive comparison report between a 2" header and our 1 5/8" Tri-Y in a 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback.

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Links & Resources

Magazines & Publications:

Car Craft Magazine
Mopar Collector's Guide
Mopar Enthusiast Magazine
Mopar Muscle Magazine


International Distributors:

KS Auto Parts - Norwegian distributer of Schumacher products and other Mopar parts
Mopar Shop - German distributer of Schumacher products and other Mopar parts
National Moparts - Canadian distributer of Schumacher products and other Mopar parts
Pentastar Parts & Restorations - Australian distributer of Schumacher products and other Mopar parts
Reproduction Parts Marketing - Canadian distributer of Schumacher products and other Mopar parts
Six Pack Speed Shop - Belgian distributer of Schumacher products and other Mopar parts


Other Mopar Parts Companies:

A & A Transmission - Specializing in OEM style kick-down linkages, hemi brackets, etc.
Accurate Ltd - Specializing in 4-speed modifications for Schumacher Tri-Y headers and complete bolt-on exhaust compatible with Schumacher headers
Bouchillon Performance - Specializing in pulleys, big block/small block truck headers
Brewer's Performance - Specializing in 4-speed & components
Ken Burbach - Specializing in NOS and used mopar parts
Al Debevec - Specializing in A-Body Hemi K-member fabrication, 715-267-7141
Doug Thorley Headers - Specializing in truck and early A-Body small block headers
Exline Custom Auto LLC - Specializing in V8 rear wheel drive conversions, 1984-93 Daytona, Le Baron, etc.
Freman's Auto - All mopar wrecking yard
Galen Govier - Specializing in pocket-sized Little White part # books
Glen-Ray Radiators - Specializing in nice Mopar replicas
Hot Heads - Specializing in 391 Hemi products
Imperial Services - Specializing in 1957-1975 Chrysler truck and auto urethane tranny mounts, floating power mounts
JC Auto Restoration - Specializing in Gauge & Speedo restoration, extensive inventory of NOS Chrysler parts
Jegs Performance Auto Parts - Specializing in performance auto parts
Lokar Motor Sports - Specializing in cable kick-down linkages
Mancini Racing Enterprises - Good pricing on all Mopar performance parts, torsion bars, etc.
Milodon - Specializing in performance oil pans, dipsticks
Mopar Manuals on CD-ROM - Specializing in OEM service manuals, master parts books, and TSB's on CD
Power Brake Booster Exchange - Specializing in replica hemi booster, brake boosters, brackets
Rare Parts - Specializing in obsolete suspension parts, 800-621-2005
Reilly MotorSports - Specializing in AlterKtion tubular-style front ends and Street-Lynx suspension systems
RT Specialties - Specializing in fasteners and miscellaneous small and rubber parts
Stainless Steel Brake Company - Specializing in high performance disc brake kits, brake pads, disc brake components and accessories
Stephen's Performance - All Mopar wrecking yard
Summit Racing - Specializing in performance parts for cars and trucks
The Right Stuff - Specializing in brakes and accessories
TTI (Tube Technologies, Inc.) - Specializing in race headers, hemi headers, early A-Body headers
Weimann's Literature & Collectibles - Specializing in complete Chrysler parts manuals, 203-485-0300
Wild Cat Auto Wrecking - All Mopar wrecking yard
Wizard Cooling - Specializing in aluminum radiators

Year One - Specializing in comprehensive Mopar performance parts



Art Brass Plating - Specializing in premier plating and powder coating
Performance Coatings - Specializing in ceramic coating of headers and exhaust components

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